Learn Italian On Board!

Learning Italian while NAVIGATING! 

Practical learning that allows us to learn to communicate. We base on the natural method of learning languages, with the aim of encourage the development of the communicative of participants. 
We do not include grammar contents, all we shall do will be learn how to sail, listen and participate in conversations and workshops which require the use of Italian ... 
Students establish their own learning rhythm, and discover in an independent way the meaning of what they hear, and how to use it by themselves.

Practice ITALIAN while navigating

A bilingual teacher would go with you in the boat, and will develop adapted contents for each student to improve their ITALIAN level. Most of the contents and conversations in the boat will be in ITALIAN, encouraging the practice of this important "LINGUAGGIO".

In ITALIAN please ...

Practicing sport in a perfect natural environment, at the same time that we develop communicative in foreign language in a dynamic and funny way. We will give some tools and resources to our students that afford them certain degree of communicative independence. 

What do we do ?

We have a wide range of courses for children, youth and adult. Contents adapted to students needs according to age and level. Initiation, improvement, family and group courses, or customized training. We bet on merge sailing and learning languages: ITALIAN ON BOARD, courses in which in addition to the instructor, a bilingual teacher will be with you, making sure that most of the course contents and conversation are developed in Italian/English.

Equipment & Facilities

We have an office, a teaching room for theoretical lessons, toilets and shaded area. Modern and versatile watercrafts, safety guaranteed, comfort and entertainment.

Some further DETAILS

  • Learn how to sail, listen and participate in conversations and workshops that require the use of English – ACTIVE LEARNING.
  • Workshops and activities parallel to the sailing course that will encourage the use of the foreign language between students.
  • Participants will enjoy different sailing sessions, in which the use of ITALIAN will be permanent.
  • We will learn how to communicate in ITALIAN, referring to the sport that we are practicing from the sailing boats.
  • We will include specific vocabulary related to sea and navigation.
  • An specialized instructor will be in charge of English and Italian to be spoken in every moment during the course development.
To contact us for more info and details about the courses, click here CONTACT or send an email to info@circolodellavelalakkios.com


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